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About Us

What is Homers?

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“Homers” is all about celebrating the happiness of fresh & healthy foods and creating satisfying experience for you and your family. When you have “Homers” You can cook new recipes every day in an enjoyable & safest manner too. “Homers” helps you appreciate the quality of the food while staying healthy and happy.

Designed aesthetically to accentuate the beauty and safety of modern kitchen and homers, the brand “Homers” is the best of its kind in its category.  We believe in customizing our products for each segment to fulfill key customer needs and thereby assuring Safety, Convenience & quality.


best mixer grinder in india

In India, We offer a wide range of kitchen and home appliances to suit all kinds of needs. We have a range of products which includes Mixer Grinders, Hand Blenders, Food Processors, Induction stove, Toasters, Kettles, Electric Irons, Water heaters, Geysers, Fans etc.

Every product of Homers offers a wide in terms of size, accessories, and colors. They come with a promising warranty and efficient after-sales service. All products of Homers are designed to offer users remarkable saving in time, efforts and money.

At Homers Appliances, we improve life by structuring and building the world’s best apparatuses, from structure to creation to support, we assist families to ease their lives and increase the happiness of enjoying healthy food at home.

We esteem cooperation, advancement, dependability, speed and, most importantly, an enthusiasm to help families. Each one of our appliances is structured deliberately in view of our valuable customers and their happiness and smiles.