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Follow the features and benefits of the Water Heaters provided by Homers Appliances and identify the best one of India

In our daily life, hot water is required for bathing, washing clothes and utensils, cooking foods, etc. It has been scientifically proven that if you heat the water to a certain temperature, many harmful bacteria and viruses get killed. Hence, the hot water can be used as a disinfectant too.

As you already know that Geysers can heat water by consuming electricity. But, it is not an easy task to install this machine. Moreover, this machine is not portable. Thus, since the last few years, there has been a huge demand for water heating rods or portable water heaters. This product is light-weight and automatic.

In the below-mentioned sections, we have discussed the features and benefits of electric water heater rods which are available at the online store of our official site of HomersAppliances. Following these descriptions, you can easily choose the Best Water Heater in India.

Immersion 1.5k- Water Heater (Black, Blue, and Red)

Some features and benefits of this immersion heater rod are listed below.

Immersion 1.5k- Water Heater (Black, Blue, and Red)If you are looking for a shock-proof heating rod of high-quality, trust the services offered by Immersion 1.5 k. This electric rod heater can boil a bucket full of water within a few minutes. This device’s heating elements are made of copper and thus, they are rust-resistant and highly heat-conductive. At the online store of HomersAppliances, there are three variants of Immersion 1.5k hot water rod and they vary in colors. These colors are black, blue, and red.

Some features and benefits of this immersion heater rod are listed below.

  • This electric rod heater consumes 1500-2000 Watts of power. 
  • The presence of a unique heating element for faster heating. 
  • Heating elements and some other components are made of copper for fast heating and rust prevention. 
  • While using this heating rod, you can keep your eye on its water level indicator. It will help you to remain cautious if you try to heat excess water. 
  • Each of these three variants of electric rod heater costs only INR 599 each if you buy it online from the store of Homers Appliances. 

Features to be considered

If you like to choose the Immersion 1.5k as the Best Water Heater in India, consider the following factors without any hesitation.

  • The presence of Copper-made components makes this heating rod highly efficient. 
  • It is fully automatic and consists of a water level indicator. 
  • Elegant design with shock-proof character. 

At the conclusion, we proudly state that if you buy Immersion 1.5K from our online store of HomersAppliances, you will experience the superior performance of this world-class immersion heater rod.

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